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Server & System Updates

10 months ago

Over the past couple of weeks we've been preparing a lot of new features and updates for our community, and we're finally excited to announce them! The announcement will be kinda big, so prepare to have a good read šŸ‘“ šŸ’„ New Role Icons & Banner Since we have reached Level 3 in boosts, we have completely revamped our role icon system, giving each of them their unique icon! Each role - except the notification ones - will give you a little icon next to your name every time you chat :) With this ch...

Welcome to our new Website!

a year ago

Welcome to our new Website! Hey there! We have finally finished our new website. We've made sure we can include as much content as we can, so we can include you as much as we can, even outside our Discord server! The new website contains; A post system for articles An event page to stay tuned with what's going on Resources posted by our team to help you with development Our project showcase A Brand Page to download any assets we use We plan on updating the website with more and more features. ...

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