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A Community for you.

BytesToBits is an engaging community for Developers. Grab some tea, coffee, or whatever you wish, and join us for chit-chats and tech talk. Collaborate on Projects, come up with ideas, ask for help, or try to get some gigs.

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Meet the Server

Perhaps you will find something that you love in our community.


We have our own starboard channel, were the community-favorite messages can go and remain there.

Events & Giveaways

We have regular events & giveaways hosted on the server. Rewards can vary, from Discord Nitro, to Steam Games, or even money!


As a community, we accept affiliations with other servers, so through collaboration we can benefit both parties!


We are a community for developers, so it's only natural for us to have our own open-source projects! On our Github, you can find various project to explore.

Find a job, find a developer

Whether you are a developer looking for work, or someone who is in need of a developer, we got you covered! You can post a message in our dedicated #gigs channel!


Stuck while coding? Ask your question and let us help you! Beware, though, since we are NOT a support server! Answering questions is not a priority for our community.

💖 Our Affiliates 💖

People and Communities we love and support.

Want to become an affiliate? Simply let us know!

🖥️ Projects 🖥️

Here are some projects we have developed.

Project CodeShare
Project LockPass
BETAProject Cordy
Project Meme Lord
BytesToBits Logo


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We wouldn't be here without them.