BytesToBits Affiliates

Would you like to have your Community, Project, Business, or idea affiliated with BytesToBits?

You can become an Affiliate, and receive specialized offers, services, and perks to help you with your community!

You can apply by visiting us on our Discord Server and contacting a Manager or the Support Bot!

Have a look at some of our Affiliates!




What do our Affiliates get in return?

Dedicated channel and role in our Discord Server.

Discount on all of our development services.

If agreed upon, monetary funding for their project.

Listed as an affiliate in this page!

An affiliate link from us to one of their socials or website.

What do we look for?

A creative, unique idea and mature, dedicated maintainers.

A fair deal, as we will ask how we will benefit from you.

Communities that do NOT conflict with our genre (Code Support & Help)


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